Astros CF Gomez: Column meant to ‘ridicule me’

10:37 AM ET

Carlos Gomez says he was ridiculed by a newspaper column that used a direct quote in the Houston Astros center fielder’s second language of English.

Speaking to ESPN Radio’s Max y Marly in Spanish on Thursday, Gomez told ESPN’s Max Bretos and Marly Rivera he tried to conduct an interview with Houston Chronicle columnist Brian T. Smith in English and was demeaned by the quote used in the article.

“That person knew exactly what he was writing, and he did it intentionally to ridicule me,” Gomez said. “… I do not wish for him to lose his job because he may be a father and have a family, but he should have given a better thought process before writing such comments. Because [he] not only [hurt] a Dominican, but every Latino who makes an effort [to learn] the language.”

In the Chronicle column, published last week, Gomez was quoted as saying, “For the last year and this year, I not really do much for this team. The fans be angry. They be disappointed.” Many, including Gomez, believed the quotation was meant to make him seem foolish.

Gomez was also criticized for his flashy style but slow start to the season after being a key addition at last year’s trade deadline. He is hitting .196 with zero home runs as the Astros have staggered to a 14-22 record.

“With all due …

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