Best of 2016: Most Inspirational Women’s Performance

The 2016 triathlon season was a year that the world will never forget. From the World Triathlon Series, World Cups, World Championships and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, it was a busy year that produced nothing short of unbelievable moments.

So what moments stood out the most?

Through the month of December we will be naming the “Best of 2016” moments from the year, anything from top performances to inspirational finishes, because when you have a year like we just had, you have to celebrate it.

Biggest Most Inspirational Women’s Performance: Fabienne St Louis (MRI)



If ever there was an inspirational story about overcoming obstacles, Fabienne’s would be it. As the sole elite representing the small African country of Mauritius, qualifying for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games was a remarkable feat.

But, everything changed for Fabienne when in December of 2015, she was diagnosed with salivary gland cancer right in the middle of her training period to prep for the Games. She began treatment for the rare form of cancer the following April, but she faced an uphill battle getting her body in shape to compete at an Olympics level.

Then, after undergoing two surgeries to remove the tumour and another to remove further cancerous cells, complications left Fabienne with face paralysis …

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