Jays Care gets into giving spirit for holidays

TORONTO — Jays Care Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Toronto have been close partners over the years. They share a lot of the same goals, so it made perfect sense for the charitable organizations to reunite during the holiday season.

Jays Care spread some festive cheer by sending 14 representatives to Ronald McDonald House as part of their Home for Dinner program. They served dinner to 81 families and approximately 135 people at a time of the year when everybody could use an emotional lift.

It’s a small gesture in the grand scheme of things, but one that comes with significance. These families are at Ronald McDonald House because a child is seriously ill, and it’s crucial to create a positive environment.

“I think when you’re going through complicated health issues, knowing that people are thinking of you is a great respite, and knowing that it’s the Blue Jays who are helping out is really exciting for the families,” Jays Care executive director Robert Witchel said.

“A lot of these families have to give up jobs or they’re absent from their jobs, and it’s a huge financial impact. I think this lightens their load and it’s also really exciting for the kids to know and the families to know that the Blue Jays are doing this for them.”

Jays Care started by going grocery shopping for a chicken parmesan dinner over pasta, with the choice of either a red or white sauce. They prepared and served the food to give the 81 …

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