Inbox: Will Cards move to improve rotation?

ST. LOUIS — With 41 days left before the Cardinals’ first official workout of Spring Training, let’s take a dive into another batch of your questions about the year ahead.

I am still concerned about starting pitching. Is Adam Wainwright on the tail end of his career? Does Lance Lynn make a full recovery? Will Alex Reyes progress? Will Michael Wacha show enough consistency? Is there any chance the Cards make a move in this area? — Jack T., Baton Rouge, La.

Lots of good questions there, Jack, many of which we won’t know the answer to for some time. I’ll start with the last one first: No, I don’t anticipate a move coming to add another starting pitcher this winter. It’s no secret that there’s a dearth of quality starters on the free-agent market. Furthermore, the Cardinals say they are comfortable with their depth. That does not, however, mean that those internal options don’t come with uncertainty.

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Wainwright is coming off the most trying season of his career, and it’s fair to question how high his ceiling is as he enters his age-35 season. Lynn will be working to regain durability and command after missing 2016 recovering from Tommy John surgery. Reyes will face the challenge of teams becoming more familiar with him. And Wacha has to prove that his shoulder is capable of carrying a starter’s workload. These are all valid concerns.

I’ve been frustrated by the Cardinals’ decision to not re-sign Brandon Moss. They need a backup first baseman, and he can fill in as an outfielder. And most of all, he is a giant bat off the bench. I say sign Moss and trade Matt Adams for some up-and-coming Minor League talent. What say you? — Scott J., Belle, Mo.

There are several layers here, but we’ll start with the fact that the Cardinals do currently have a backup first baseman in Adams. I wondered, too, if the Cardinals might explore trading him this winter, and maybe they still will. But you also have to be realistic in what sort of return he’d bring. Adams has yet to prove …

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