Inbox: Is the Rockies’ outfield overcrowded?

DENVER — Happy Holidays all. Before I get to your Rockies questions, I’ll highlight one of the issues I’ll watch closely this spring.

Gerardo Parra signed a three-year, $27.5 million contract last winter, but hitting struggles and a high ankle sprain that cost him 46 games made him a forgotten man by season’s end. But if the scenes he is posting from his workouts are any indication, he’s off to a good start toward delivering a reminder.

Parra says he will play for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic to push himself into game shape earlier than usual.

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Now for questions:

@harding_at_mlb What’s the plan with the overcrowded OF?

— Whip (@thewhipshow) December 22, 2016

@harding_at_mlb What’s the plan with the overcrowded OF?

The Rockies’ outfield depth puts them in position to possibly trade to fill other needs, but I don’t totally agree with @thewhipshow and the premise that the outfield is crowded.

First, there is no harm in the competition in left field. Parra has a contract that pays him $8 million this year and $10 million the next. He will have to beat out David Dahl, who brought standout offense after debuting in July, or he’ll be a left-handed bench player and a complement to Ian Desmond at first base.

Add those to center fielder Charlie Blackmon and right fielder Carlos Gonzalez, and that’s not a bad five, with Raimel Tapia and Jordan Patterson fighting to be in position should someone falter or be injured. Dahl and Patterson also have all three years of Minor League options, and Tapia has two. It’s a good place for a roster to be.

@harding_at_mlb do you think they trade Ryan McMahon? He seems blocked at his 2 positions.

— Dan Hornsby (@dleisl) December 25, 2016

@harding_at_mlb do you think they trade Ryan McMahon? He seems blocked at his 2 positions.

I guess I never believe there’s too much of a good thing. To answer the question from @dleisl, even though McMahon was a second-round Draft pick as a third baseman and he is now playing first base, I don’t see him blocked at two positions by Nolan Arenado and newly signed Desmond.

The Rockies fed …

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