Geivett imparts career advice in new book

DENVER — During a 28-year career in professional baseball as a player, scout and front-office executive, Bill Geivett never shied away from helping those who wanted to land jobs.

“I would get these emails and letters and resumes. It was always, ‘Mr. Geivett, could I have 10 minutes of your time?'” he said. “And every time I’d call, it would turn into two hours.

“The whole time I was thinking, ‘At some point I’ve got to write a book.’ And that way, it would be what I feel and any kind of advice I could give would be in that book. And I’d kind of laugh it off. ‘Whatever. Yeah, right, I’ll write a book.'”

But after leaving as the Rockies’ senior vice president of Major League operations and assistant GM after the 2014 season, Geivett thought about those aspiring job-seekers and made the book a reality. The self-published “Do You Want to Work in Baseball? Inside Baseball Operations,” released on Wednesday, offers advice on landing interviews and jobs, navigating the Major League environment and contributing after being hired.

Early feedback from the baseball community has been a pleasant surprise for Geivett.

“I’m getting texts and messages from people I haven’t talked to in a long time or thought about, and the stories that they bring up of how impactful I was with some advice that I gave them,” he said. “I’m hopeful that in years to come somebody that reads the book remembers, ‘Hey I remember reading the book and that guy talked about that,’ and the lesson has been passed down.”

Geivett said the book targets not only the aspiring baseball professional, but the sports management …

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