Inbox: Where does Red Sox’s farm system rank?

Before the start of the offseason, the Red Sox had one of the best farm systems. Is this still the case or did they give up too much this offseason? — Kieran H., Melbourne, Australia

According to gurus Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo, the Red Sox have gone from one of the top-rated farm systems in the game to the middle of the pack. Considering that they landed one of the premier pitchers in the game in Chris Sale, it’s hard for me to think they gave up too much. To get a player like Sale, you’re going to give up premium Major League talent or an exorbitant salary or top prospects. The Red Sox chose the latter.

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Now that the Sale trade has taken away some of the better prospects in the game, should we be nervous about the Sox in maybe 10 years? — Jack C., Sudbury, Mass.

Ten years is a long time to project in anything. To tell you the truth, that’s plenty of time for the Red Sox to replenish their system. Every executive is different. Theo Epstein and Ben Cherington preferred to keep their prospects and eventually build around them. Dave Dombrowski tends to use them more as chips to trade for star players. Both ways have proven to work. At this point, I …

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