Inbox: What’s likelihood of Trumbo returning?

With most teams in a lull, off to celebrate the holidays, it’s a perfect time to delve into your questions and do one final Inbox this year.

What are the chances of Mark Trumbo returning? — Matt C., Catonsville, Md.

That depends on what day and time this is being read. (I’m joking.) There has been a lot of back and forth already this winter regarding Trumbo, though one thing is pretty obvious: the Orioles want him to come back. Whether their deal is on or off the table or his camp is demanding this or that, there’s one very important thing to keep in mind: all of that can change in seconds.

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As you saw with the Chris Davis negotiations last offseason, things can turn quickly. The O’s are a better offensive team with Trumbo, and Baltimore should be an intriguing place for him to stay. Will it get done? Will the money line up on both sides? It’s impossible, as we sit here in late December, to handicap it one way or the other.

Do you think the Orioles should try to trade a guy like Ubaldo Jimenez or Wade Miley? — Tom M., Bowie, Md.

Not right now. The O’s do have six guys for five spots in the rotation, yes. But they …

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